Welcome to the most happening place in Kinshasa… the Carre Club !! Feel the rhythm of the endless night.. !!

We are having customers’ located at all major areas in Kinshasa and other cities and towns in Dem. Rep. of Congo. We are here to serve our customers the great experience of fine food & liquor along with great music and dance. We are dealing in valued services in Restaurants and Pubs for more than 2.5 years under the guidance of our well experienced Managing Director Mr. Kamlesh Laungani (KEKE) with our experienced team encompassing a dedicated team of management employees & other service staff.

We are serving around 2,000 people per day on weekdays and around 4,000 people on weekends. The crowd involves genuine people mostly youngsters but also a huge number of matured persons visit us daily at Carre Club.

Carre Club is a perfect place for every class of people; we are having a Discotheque with world class music systems with world class DJs, Terrace Seating with high chairs at ground floor with rocking music, Balcony seating with high chairs with rocking music on first floor, also have special Gold & Silver seating with comfortable sofas at ground floor with rocking music. A multipurpose hall (salle polyvalente) with air-conditioned closed environment at second floor for high class customers, it can be used as VIP lounge, VIP / Private party hall, meeting hall, presentation events, promotional events, product launch place.

Our commitment is to serve our customers with the widest range and highest quality products at competitive and affordable prices.

We are having product ranges of more than 100 items with brands like

  • Champagne - Laurent Perrier, Moet & Chandon, Nicolas Feuillatte, Pongraz, Minuite, Botega etc.
  • Whisky - Jw Black Lable,Jw Red Lable, Jack Daniel's, Chivas Regal, Glenfiddich, Jw Blue Lable, Jw Platinum Lable, Jw Gold Lable, Jw Double Black, Grant's, Dimple, J & B Rare, Jameson, Ballentine's, Vat 69, Grants etc.
  • Liquer - Martini, Romana (Sambvca), Cointreau, Jagermeister, Kahlua etc.
  • Rum - Kwilu, Bacardi, Malibu Cocotier Rum, Havana Club etc.
  • Cognac - Cognac Hennessy Vsop, Remy Martin Vsop etc.
  • Brandy – Napoleon etc.
  • Gin - Gin Bombay Sapphire, Gin Gordon's etc.
  • Irish Cream - Baileys, Amarula, Pinacolada/Old Nick Coco etc.
  • Taquila - Camino, Olmeca Silver etc.
  • Vodka - Crystal Head, Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere, Absolut Blue, Skyy Vodka, Finlandia, Smironoff, Wyborowa etc.
  • Bieres - Tembo, Nkoyi, Beaufort, Doppel, Legend, Mutzig, Mutzig Bock, Premus, Skol, Turbo King, 33 Export, Castel, Bavaria 8.6, Heineken-Btl, Heineken-Can, Heineken-Btl 500 Ml, Savana 330 Ml, Bavaria 8.6 Can (Black/Original/Etc), Bavaria O % Can etc.
  • VIN - Mateus, Nederburg, Porto Ruby, Muscador, Royalty Vin Rouge/Blanc/Rose, Grandial, Baron Simon, Baron De Madrid, Don Simon Sangria, Don Simon, J.P. Chenet Rouge/Blanc/Sweet, J.P. Chenet Ice Edition

We are also serving delicious food at Carre Club, verities of local Congolese food like Kwanga, Makemba, Ntaba, Brochette are served. Along with Fritte, Burger, Pizza, Sandwich, Hotdog, Saucisse are also available. Chawarma is also very popular among the customers. Poulet is very famous dish at our restaurant served in Poulet Demi, Poulet Entire, Poulet Grill & Poulet Mayo options. Viande Poivron & Viande Tomate served for the viande lovers. Crispy Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice is also served. Some Indian items like Kabab, Kheema Pav, Samosa are also having a great response from customers.

We again welcome you to Carre Club… Bienvenue !!